Darwin, Australia

Port Overview

Darwin is one of Australia’s major ports for trade with the Asia-Pacific region. As a naturally occurring deep water port, Darwin is a vital link with the international marine shipping trade with its strategic location. The port is also a major supply centre for Australian oil and gas projects, as well as other cargoes. The Darwin port ships more than 4,577,000 tonnes of cargo annually. It is capable of handling over half the nation’s livestock exports. Darwin’s proximity to South East Asia makes it a link between Australia and countries such as Indonesia and East Timor.

Vessel operators serving Darwin

Currently there are two main carriers with direct service to Darwin, other carriers are promoting service via various transit points around the region. With at least a sailing a week to Darwin, it is not an issue to find a suitable sailing arrange your shipments to Darwin.

Latest Development News

The port facilities in Darwin kept a high level of maintenance standards. However, the government predicts that it will need a major infrastructure investment to cater for Darwin to become an international hub for exports, education and health services, tourism, operations and maintenance. There is also a number of port related projects listed for Darwin’s continued expansion. They have reported that Darwin is ‘strategically placed as Australia’s closest capital to Asia,’ and that therefore, ‘high quality planning is vital.’

The government believes that expansion would strengthen Darwin’s links with the rest of the world, ‘particularly South East Asia’. The expansion of the port includes a doubling of the length of the wharf area towards the city of Darwin and a quadrupling in size of the existing container yard. There are plans for a refrigerated container park, a harbor support vessel facility and an upgraded cruise facility.

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