Karachi, Pakistan

Port Overview

Karachi Port is the hub of Pakistan’s major trading through the sea. 98 percent of the overall international trade is conducted through here. With the high trade volume, the government emphasized on early completion of the entire port development scheme. As such, accessibility and efficiency of the port has improved tremendously.

Works for deep water container ports are in the midst. With the reconstruction of a few existing berths, the port is able to handle more cargo and targets to be able to cope with bigger vessels. Once the facilities are updated and upgraded, it would likely be able to deal with bigger vessels of capacity of 17,000 to 18,000 containers. This would definitely bring them closer to being a major transit point for ports in the region.

Karachi Port has two container terminal named as Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) and Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT). The port is currently equipped with backed up system with good transit and storage areas, with rail and road services for handling, storage and clearance of cargo. Currently, the port can handle ship handling, discharging or loading of cargo, storage or clearance of cargo as well as reasonable level of security and safety.

Vessel operators serving Karachi

Currently there are quite a few carriers with service to Karachi. With at least 3 to 4 sailings a week, it is not an issue to find a suitable sailing with available space and equipment. One thing to note is that the requirements for every carrier to load any shipment is different. Do feel free to contact AD&K Logistics for your shipment queries to Karachi.

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