Shipment – Sea (Electronics)

We are tasked to assist a customer to transfer their shipment of an assortment of electronics from their supplier’s warehouse in Singapore to their warehouse in the United States. The shipment consists of mainly printers and their accessories with roller wheels.

Photos of the said shipment

It might look like an easy task. We are required to collect the whole shipment of electronics from the supplier’s warehouse to our warehouse for sorting and loading. Next, we have to ensure that all the various equipment are well protected and in sea worthy condition for the sea journey. The equipment are of various odd sizes. The whole sea journey is near a month. Careful attention is taken to ensure that every piece of the equipment is protected properly for the journey. Even small details like the roller wheels is not neglected. Efforts are taken to ensure that no equipment will move during the journey within the container.

It may seem easy to load all the equipment into a container for the sea journey. Proper and sufficient protection has to be in place to ensure the assortment of equipment reaches the destination safely. Each equipment is carefully loaded to ensure minimal movement within the container during the sea journey. With all the additional safety measures taken, the shipment eventually reached the customer’s warehouse safely. The shipment reached the United States with no issues at all despite the near month long sea journey. Proper documentations are prepared for both the export and import requirements.

No task is too difficult for us. We strive our best to assist on your logistical concerns within your budget constraints.

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