Shipment – Sea (Trans-loading)

We are tasked to assist a customer to transfer their shipment of beverages bought from a supplier in Singapore. This shipment is imported from another country and stored in the free trade zone for export. Sea trans-loading was arranged as there is no involvement of any local companies in Singapore. This shipment is only transiting in Singapore port to the final destination.

Photos of the said shipment

Import Shipment

Export Shipment

Sea trans-loading was arranged for this customer due to the non involvement of any local companies for this shipment. Due to the sheer volume of the shipment and costs concerns, air arrangement is not considered. Once the shipment exits the free trade zone, GST and duty is payable due to the nature of this beverage. With trans-loading, all the operations are kept within the free trade zone. Although the cost for operations within the free trade zone is considerably much higher, the declaration and payment of GST and duty is more tedious as this shipment is alcoholic beverage. Any food related products require special licenses for import or export. Any alcoholic beverage will also involve payment of related duties.

Unlike food products, there is no need to check for expiry dates but simple checks on any leakage are still required to ensure product safety. Due to the nature of the beverage, arrangement on the earliest connecting vessel would be most optimum. Proper time management is extremely important to ensure the minimal time wasted and storage incurred on the operations.

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