Conakry, Guinea

Port Overview

Conakry, Guinea is the national capital, largest city, and chief Atlantic port in the western part of Guinea. Conakry is a port city that interconnects West Africa to the north, central and southern continental regions via shipping routes. Within the city, the Port of Conakry is Guinea’s main commercial port, through which 90 percent of foreign trade is carried out. Its geographical location is strategic as the port forms the city’s main maritime border.

The port’s terminals are granted to private operators who are responsible for making the necessary investments for the development of port infrastructure and equipment. The role of the port authority is to regulate, monitor and control activities on the port platform. Conakry’s economy revolves around this port which has facilities for handling conventional cargo, containerized cargo, bulk and break bulk, ro-ro and fishing vessels.

Vessel operators serving Conakry

Currently there are carriers with service to Conakry. With the current port congestion situation, do check in advance for a suitable sailing for your shipment to Conakry. It is still possible to find suitable sailings even though the sailing schedules are not as regular as before.

Latest Development News

There are plans to lead Conakry to become a hub of trade in West Africa. With the competition from the nearby ports, it is important that the major investments help in improving the infrastructures. The strategic location and proximity to Mali, Senegal and Abidjan gives Conakry a competitive advantage over the nearby ports.

Investments in port, road and rail infrastructure will aid in the commercial expansion to the nearby areas. This will likely help to improve the economy. There are plans in place to expand the port and improve the existing port infrastructure. The continuing efforts to improve the port is essential to the port’s continued success. The performance of the Port of Conakry has improved over the years. There are still plans to expand to prevent congestion due to increased port traffic at the terminal.

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