Dublin, Ireland

Port Overview

Dublin port is located in the heart of Dublin City in Ireland. Dublin port is a key strategic access point for Ireland, especially the Dublin area. It is at the hub of the national road and rail network, handling almost half of all trade in the Republic of Ireland. It is the seaport of Dublin, Ireland, with both historical and contemporary economic importance.

Vessel operators serving Dublin

Currently there are many carriers with service to Dublin. With a week to Dublin, it is not an issue to find a suitable sailing for your shipments. Do check on the schedule in advance due to advance manifest requirements in the region.

Latest Development News

In anticipation of the increasing size and capacity of vessels, there are plans in place to upgrade the port and the surrounding area.

One of the plans is to create two new riverside berths in Dublin Harbour. Completion of the works for a dump at a sea dredge will make this possible. Efforts are consciously taken to avoid major disruptions to the marine life in the region.

There are also plans in place for a refurbished Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) freight facility in the port. It is to increase the ability to handle the expected increase in the RoRo units at Dublin Port. The facility’s capacity is generated from the rearrangement of existing port lands to enable more effective space for processing unaccompanied RoRo units from Europe and the United Kingdom.

An old jetty will give way to two modern jetties of 270 metres each. The modern jetties will be able to accommodate the largest ferries measuring 240 metres in length and which have been future-proofed to allow for shore to ship power in the future. Other than increasing the port capacity for the future, the surrounding area has also benefitted from the development as well. There will be enhanced public and community amenity with a 5.5km of cycle and pedestrian routes. Efforts for additional habitat are also made along the coastal path area. This also helps to improve the biodiversity in the region.

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