Company Profile


Established in 2005 by a group of entrepreneurs from Singapore, AD&K Logistics has had a long and illustrious history as an integrated one-stop logistics solutions service provider for more than 10 years. From our humble beginnings, AD&K Logistics has grown to be one of the many prominent players in logistics services industry in the Asia Pacific region. Along the way, we have fostered many lasting business relationships with our partners and customers. These business relationships bear testimony of our success in building one of the first-class air, sea and ground handling companies. AD&K Logistics strive to be known for our quality service and as a one stop logistics solutions provider.


Our relentless drive is to continually improve our quality and service delivery. AD&K Logistics achieve our drive through our people’s concentrated effort. AD&K Logistics is empowered with the skills, self-belief and devotion to think, speak and act as one. We aim to become a world-class logistics solutions provider with our skills and experience. We aim at delivering and adding value to obtain highest customer service satisfaction and requirements.


AD&K Logistics strive to become one of the best in class service, continual quest to improve service levels and maintain consistently high service quality. AD&K Logistics pride ourselves to be able to provide hassle free, peace of mind and comprehensive service range to cater to all our customers’ logistical requirements. We continue to work closely with our agency network to provide assured services and support to our customers worldwide.

We strive to provide solutions that add value to our customers’ logistical needs and requirements. AD&K is constantly updating ourselves with the latest developments in the various export / import regulations. We strive to work towards the aim of making our name known for providing logistics solutions without headaches.