Shipment – Sea (Relocation)

Relocation is pretty common in the current globalized economy. We are to assist a customer in his relocation from Singapore to Taiwan. The customer is moving to Taiwan hence needing assistance to relocate their household goods from Singapore to Taiwan. Relocation from country to country in Singapore is very common.

Photos of the said shipment

Some of the boxes kept in storage spaces. The household furniture and other boxes kept at the rental apartment unit with the customer. We had to ensure that proper co-ordination is in place such that all the belongings arrived at the correct time for loading into the container.

It might seem to be an easy task. It is not an easy feat to ensure that all the various furniture, books and all carton boxes are loaded into the container. Furthermore everything had to be able to withstand the whole week long sea journey. Nonetheless, we completed the tasks efficiently and even managed to complete the shipment within the time limit stipulated. Most importantly, it was within the customer’s budget.

No task is too difficult for us with our experience handling various types of logistical requirements. Feel free to contact us today.

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