Shipments – Odd Size (Machines)

Have big odd size machines bought from overseas to bring to Singapore? Selling or sending your machines to overseas? Shipments are odd size that don’t fit into the regular sized containers? Unsure how to arrange them safely to your customers?

Photos of the shipment arranged

Feel free to forward your inquiries to us today. We have handled many such odd sized shipments by sea before. Efforts are in place to properly protect and secure all these odd sized shipments for the whole duration of the sea voyage. They arrived their destination in the order they were collected from the factories.

With our connections with many carriers, we are able to look for the most cost effective way to send your odd size shipments to any location your customer requests. Our hauliers will also ensure that the relevant carrier requirements like direct loading and 24 hours loading is promptly arranged.

Need to further arrange the shipments from the overseas factories to the sea port? Need to arrange for clearance and delivery of the shipments to your customers’ factories directly? We have our partners worldwide to assist accordingly.

Leave all the arrangements to us. We will strive to put in our best efforts to ensure most cost effective way to arrange your shipments.

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