Tincan Island, Nigeria

Port Overview

Tincan Island Port is the product of a merger between the port facilities at the roll-on/roll-off international car shipping and heavy equipment shipping facility and Tincan Island in 2006. Tincan is a self-contained international shipping port entered through Badagry Creek via a 200m wide channel.

Vessel operators serving Tincan Island

Currently there are many carriers with service to Tincan Island. However with the various consortiums among the carriers, there are actually only about two sailings a week. With our regular shipments to the West African region, it is not an issue for us to find a suitable sailing with available space and equipment to Tincan Island.

Latest Development News

Tincan port has made significant investments in infrastructure work and equipment and employs nearly 625 people over the years. The port is working towards the goal of making Tincan into the most efficient terminal in Nigeria’s economic capital. Other then port operations, improvements made to provide direct links to the main motorways in the metropolitan area and its industrial centers. In the recent years, the revenue income has been improving and the Nigeria Customs have managed to stop many shipments that contained prohibited goods to Nigeria.

AD&K Logistics have been assisting our customers for their shipments to Africa since our incorporation in Singapore. Our experience with shipments to Africa is pretty well established. Feel free to contact us for any queries for your orders.

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