Incheon, South Korea

Port Overview

Incheon is one of the seaports in South Korea. It became an international port in 1883. Incheon seaport developed extensively due to its natural advantages as a coastal city and proximity to Seoul, the South Korean capital.

Vessel operators serving Incheon

Currently there are many carriers with service to Incheon. With about two to three sailings a week to Incheon, it is not an issue to find a suitable sailing for your shipments to Incheon.

Latest Development News

Incheon is considered relatively updated with the latest facilities to cope with the current workload as an international seaport. Anticipating increasing trade volume with their overseas trade partners in the future, there are plans to further enhance the seaport’s abilities to handle more load and bigger vessels.

WIth the expansion in 2005, Incheon is able to accommodate ships with higher loads. With more shipments selecting Incheon compared to Busan, expansion efforts are bearing fruits. With more development plans, Incheon aims to keep up with the recent trend of mega-carriers and the increasing traffic volume from China and other developing countries. With better infrastructure, it improves the price competitiveness of Korean products by providing a more efficient logistics channel that saves time and cost. The close cooperation with Incheon International Airport also helps in the arrangement of sea-air inter modal service.

Due to its proximity to Seoul, capital of South Korea, Incheon is the preferred port to reduce land transit cost in South Korea. Ongoing plans and efforts are in place to construct exclusive docks for larger container ships. This will enable Incheon Port to emerge as the key port of the Pan-Yellow Sea area.

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