Shipment – Sea (Boat)

Recently our customer needed to relocate from Singapore to Australia. He had a boat in Singapore which he wanted to move to Australia with him. We were roped in to assist in the shipment arrangement.

Photos of the said shipment

Under normal circumstances, due to the dimensions of the boat, this shipment would have to be loaded into a special equipment. Some available options were collapsible flat rack or open top containers or the normal containers. Using special equipment for this relocation would increase the shipment cost greatly. Such special equipment may not be readily available as well. Time is also required to relocate the required special equipment to Singapore.

Based on our experience, we were able to load this boat into a normal container helping the customer to reduce some cost. However due to limitations of the loading equipment available, we had to propose an open top container instead. The transit time for the shipment to Australia is about 12days for the sea voyage not including the time at port for clearance and other paperwork. We made sure that the boat was properly cushioned and secured for the sea journey. The final cost for the whole shipment was kept well within the customer’s budget. The customer was very happy with receiving the boat in the same condition as it was initially handled over to us.

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