Additional fuel surcharge?

With the recent oil price steadily increasing for the past few months and the current ongoing war in Ukraine, crude oil prices see a drastic increase. Everyone in the transportation industry is trying their best to manage the operational costs. However, the heavy reliance on fuel consumption is something that is not within control.

We at AD&K Logistics understand the frustrations of the ever increasing costs of shipment arrangement since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As much as we try our best to absorb the increases, our operating costs increased to a point where we are not able to bear these high overheads.

Is Fuel Surcharge permanent?

The implementation of fuel surcharge is to help in the high cost recovery in our operations. It is in the hopes of tiding through this difficult period and keeping our commitment to our customers. We avoided the implementation as long as we could but we are at a point where we are not able to bear these high overheads.

We are constantly monitoring the fuel pricing in Singapore. This is a temporary measure implemented to soften the impact of the high increase in the fuel pricing. We seek to review the fuel surcharge from time to time in accordance with the current oil price. Please be reassured that we are trying our best to remove this additional fuel surcharge as soon as possible.

We do hope that the fuel pricing stabilizes soon and we can remove this additional fuel surcharge for our customers.

For any shipment queries or shipment issue, do feel free to contact us, we at AD&K Logistics will try our best to assist.

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