Future of Shipping Industry – Promising or Bleak?

After the sudden news of the collapse of a major company, Hanjin Shipping, the future for the shipping industry seems bleak. Actually prior to Hanjin Shipping, there are many companies folding daily. It is just that these companies are not of such a major worldwide influence, there are not so much media coverage on them. After Hanjin Shipping, there are many more major shipping companies merging.

Slowly and steadily, many shipping companies are doing better. With merger or co-ordination, they strategize their vessel schedules such that there are not so many overlapping sailings. With more wide spread sailings covering more areas, shipping companies are able to avoid sailings with many empty re-positioning containers. This would mean better revenue and lower deficits for each sailing.

Hopefully with time, the future will be more promising. With more major shipping companies posting positive revenue and more shipping companies getting new containers, we sincerely look forward to a more positive future ahead for the shipping and related industries.

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