Bangkok, Thailand

Port Overview

Bangkok is a main international Thailand port from its opening in 1947. In 1991, the deep-sea Laem Chabang Port superseded Bangkok position in handling international shipment. It is primarily a cargo port, though its inland location limits access to ships of 12,000 dead weight tonnes or less.

Bangkok sea port used to be one of the world’s 100 busiest container ports. Laem Chabang is now one of the busiest container ports instead. Other than Bangkok and Laem Chabang, Lat Krabang is also a port that serves containerized shipments.

Vessel operators serving Bangkok

In Bangkok, there are four main terminals with different port operators. Hence there is about 4 sailings a week to Bangkok. Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) operates the most commonly used terminal with 2 sailings each week. We also have service to other private terminals like Bangkok Modern Terminal (BMT), Thai Sugar Terminal (TST) and Sahathai Terminal (STT).

Latest Development News

Due to the popularity and relatively easier clearance procedures, congestion is a frequent occurrence at Bangkok (PAT). Progressively due to maintenance works or breakdowns, vessels have been unable to berth on schedule as well. It is best to cater for delays if alternative terminals or ports is not acceptable due to higher destination costs.

AD&K Logistics have been assisting our customers for their shipments in and out of Thailand since our incorporation in Singapore. Our experience with shipments to Thailand is pretty established. We are also actively assisting our customers to apply for Form D which means that the destination customer in Thailand is entitled to lower duties and taxes.

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Barge Terminal in Bangkok

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