What is BSC Waiver Certificate?

BSC waiver certificate stands for Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons waiver certificate. It is required for all shipments to Madagascar. This certificate replaces the previous SGS Inspection procedure requirement. The exporter or his forwarding agent has to electronically submit BSC waiver certificate before shipping the goods.

Along with Madagascar, Mali, Sierra Leone, Niger, Senegal, Madagascar and Ivory Coast also requires BSC waiver certificate. This particular certificate helps the authorities to control the port traffic. It also enables the authorities to identify, control, secure, track and forecast the traffic of imported goods and generate real time trade statistics.

Who prepares or obtains the BSC Waiver Certificate?

The exporter or the authorized forwarding agent has to apply for this certificate. Exporter needs to submit all the relevant documents and forward to the importer properly and accordingly. The exporter has to ensure that all the required documents for each shipment to Madagascar is readily available.

What would happen if there is no BSC Waiver Certificate?

5 days before the vessel arrives at the port, the importer has to present the BSC waiver certificate. Failing to present a valid BSC certificate can result in a fine of up to USD 2500 per Bill of lading. The same applies to the presentation of a fabricated BSC certificate number too. There is also a regulations violation charge on top of this fine. Madagascar Customs will determine amount of the regulations violation charge.

It is important for all commercial exporters to recognize the significance of this document before arranging a shipment. More than 20% of all cargo arrived at Madagascar ports, have been fined for arriving without BSC certificate in 2016. Furthermore, more than half of those shipments arrived in Madagascar had to be returned. The parties were not able to obtain or produce the required certificate. Do remember to obtain BSC certificate prior to arranging any shipment to avoid any shipment issues.

This requirement applies to all shipments into Madagascar regardless of form of transport used for the shipment. The respective transport documents needs to state the certificate number clearly.

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