Shipment – Air / Sea (Electronic Parts)

We are tasked to assist a supplier to deliver their order of various electronic parts to their customer in Singapore. As the parts are required for production lines, delivery is crucial to be on schedule.

Photos of the said shipment

Although it might be just a simple and easy task of clearing the shipment and delivery to the warehouse, it was not as straight forward. There are many various parties involved to get all the required paperwork for delivery sorted out. Careful attention has to be taken to ensure every shipment delivered to the correct location with all the proper documents in place. Every shipment, be it air or sea arrangement, has to be properly coordinated with all the parties involved. With the current ongoing pandemic, timely checks and assurances have to be in place. This is to ensure that production is not significantly affected by any delivery delays or abrupt changes. Special arrangements have to be made when required for delivery at non office hours to ensure production schedules are not affected as much as possible.

Periodically, there will be batches of rejected parts to be sent back to the supplier. Not all parts can be reworked. Some of the rejected parts will be disposed. The workable rejected parts will be packed and arranged back to the supplier with the proper paper work in place. Co-ordination between various parties has to be in place to avoid delays.

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